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We are a foreigner support company that operates four main businesses: specialized real estate rental property intermediation for foreigners, foreigner lifestyle support, Japan study abroad intermediation, and specialized employment support for foreigners.

Products & Services ■Specialized Real Estate Rental Property Intermediary for Foreigners. ■Specialized Student Housing Placement Service for Foreign Exchange Students.

Nishimoto Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, TSE Prime listed), a trading company specializing in food products founded in 1912, has built a global food network and operates a wholesale business of Asian food products along with its own brand "Shirakiku®" in 44 locations around the world. Now, we have launched "MOGUFULL", a Furusato Tax website.
By utilizing the Furusato Tax system, our goal is to support domestic and global development of local industries for the future of Japan, and create a sustainable society in each region. (Contributing to the uses of local taxes)

Products & Services ■Furusato Tax website "MOGUFULL"

With 15 years of expertise, our firm excels in immigration and nationality law. Home to 10 language interpreters, we specialize in assisting diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. We understand global immigrants' challenges and provide customized advice for each client. Consult without language or cultural concerns. Trust in our robust support to achieve your aspirations. Start anew with us. Moreover, we're expanding M&A and succession services for foreign managers, leveraging overseas transfers, support for SSW foreigners, and assistance with stays in Japan.

Products & Services ■Visa apply and consulate apply ■M&A for foreign managers ■Human resources joint service

All Japan Relocation is a relocation service provider, working nationwide with offices in Tokyo and Kobe. We are renowned for our high-quality services with that extra step to help.
From Immigration matters, finding you a perfect home and providing you a smooth safe start in Japan to ongoing support during your assignment.
We are joint operators of ‘Japan Living Guide’, containing a vast amount of essential information for all foreigners living in Japan.

Products & Services ■Relocation Services ■Visa / Immigration Services ■Tenancy Management Services

We specialize in helping people living and working outside of their home countries with all areas of their financial planning and wealth management needs. By working together with some of the largest financial institutions and trusted partners we can advise on a wide range of options for our clients, helping them reach their future financial goals.

Products & Services ■Financial Planning ■Real Estate Services

Benefit Japan's business model begins with face-to-face sales called "communication sales," where we interact directly with customers. Our staff not only sells products, but also listens to customers' opinions and requests through dialogue, and provides feedback to the product development section. Based on these demands, the product development section plans products with its unique marketing power and "ideas and passion." We integrate various resources such as external infrastructure and services and internal customer systems, customize them, and commercialize them. Our ability to respond quickly, from dialogue to development, allows us to provide functional benefits that match our customers' lifestyles.

Products & Services ■ONLY SIM ■ONLY MOBILE

We offer unlimited Wi-Fi service.
Please feel free to ask for anything you want.

Products & Services ■BIC WiMAX SERVICE

Business World Corporation is a publisher in Tokyo that has been producing periodicals, magazines, books and websites since 1971. World leaders visiting Japan have adopted BWC publications as official English-language media. We publish the English restaurant magazine WINING & DINING in TOKYO + KANSAI and run an English restaurant search website JapanRestaurant.net. We run the English and Japanese magazine JAPAN SELECT. BWC also offers digital magazines and various information on FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter. Our business includes video production, translation, design and event organization.

Products & Services ■WINING & DINING in TOKYO + KANSAI ■JAPAN SELECT (J SELECT) ■Japan Restaurant

We are the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Japan.
We promote investment and trade activities between Brazil and Japan and support business of member companies. At this EXPO we introduce Brazilian food, drink, wine and accessories among others.

Products & Services ■Wine and alcohlic drink ■ブラジル食品 ■Brazilian Accessories

Professional Cleaning of Carpets, Rugs, Upholstery, Mattresses, Drapes, and Air Conditioners.
Professional training with over 25 years experience serving the international community in Tokyo.
Carpet Master Tokyo was founded by Esther and her husband Yoshitaka in May of 2016 and later incorporated in January 2020. Esther started working with her father cleaning carpets and upholstery for the international community in Tokyo back in 1996. After her father retiered she decided to continue the legacy by launching a new business to provide quality services with a personal touch.
Our goal is to provide the best service in Tokyo hassle free at a reasonable price. Our family business has successfully gained a good reputation from embassies, international schools and expat families for our quality services.

Products & Services ■Cleaning Services

CGK, an IB-integrated school in Yokohama and the only one to start its academic year in April. Presently spanning preschool to elementary, we'll start our middle school in 2025, followed by high school. Centrally located in Yokohama (Bashamichi, Kannai area) which is close to Tokyo, CGK boasts a 94.4% staff retention rate, reflecting our commitment to students and staff alike.
Our curriculum blends IB standards with a focus on self-expression, cognitive abilities, and a spirit of inquiry, enhancing global mindedness daily. Proud of our childcare and developing non-cognitive skills, we've grown since 2016, with 160+ students. Our mission persists maximizing your opportunities for happiness in an increasingly globalized world.

Products & Services ■IB PYP candidate International school in Yokohama

We, Chiba City, are located very close to the Tokyo & Narita & Haneda airport, it is only about 40 minute ride from those areas to our city. Although we have such an accessible location, unfortunately our city’s attractiveness is not known to overseas visitors. we have 3 major areas to promote as attractive sightseeing spots. First, the city center area, where you can taste awesome local cuisine & experience our city’s history & culture. Next, the green area, where you can enjoy outdoor activities such as fresh fruits picking & camping. On top of that, you can appreciate the beautiful colored leaves in autumn. The last one is the bay-side area, where you can enjoy marine sports such as window surfing and Stand-up paddle surfing. And you can also enjoy shopping and dining. Hundreds of shops and restaurants are waiting for you. Let us introduce more details on each area at our PR booth.

Products & Services ■Chiba City Sightseeing Information

Arts Promotion and Development, Regional Revitalizing, Cultural Exchange, Human Resources training etc

Products & Services ■Samurai Experience "Let's be a Samurai !"

Established in 2017 as a subsidiary specializing in concierge services, including travel arrangements, to enhance the lives of our parent's company PrivateBANK's ultra-affluent clients. We leverage the expertise gained in this venture to offer top-tier services not only to our parent company's clientele but also to affluent individuals, including foreign residents in Japan.
We provide fully customized travel experiences that cater to your desires and imagination. From handpicked luxury hotels to even private jet or chartered helicopter travel – we're here to turn your dreams into reality!

Products & Services ■Travel Arrangement

CBRJ provides comprehensive life support services to business person relocating to Japan. From visa acquisition and international moving to arranging accommodations, settling-in, leasing furniture and cars, and even support upon your return home-country, our team, proficient in 10 languages, offers one-stop assistance. Additionally, At-Inn offers furnished rental properties for short-term stays, with over 3,000 units available nationwide, primarily in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka.

Products & Services ■Relocation Services & Furnished Apartments

Established in 1752 (the 2nd year of the Horeki period), Daishichi Sake Brewery has always insisted on a strictly orthodox brewing tradition: the kimoto method. Daishichi’s rich, mellow sakes are all outstanding examples of kimoto sake. Daishichi’s history began when the Ohta family moved from the old Ise province to Nihonmatsu. The present head is the 10th generation. Daishichi’s sakes come to life at a meal and form perfect pairings with fine food. Feted by world, they have opened a new chapter in the history of superb sake.

Products & Services ■Daishichi Minowamon Kimoto Junmai Daiginjo ■Daishichi Masakura Kimoto Junmai Ginjo ■Daishichi Kimoto Umeshu

Embark on a journey to discover your home in Japan!
Daito Kentaku Leasing have been at the forefront of the real estate sector and now we're taking our expertise by extending our services beyond the Japanese community to cater to the needs of our esteemed international clients.
We have properties that do not need a guarantor and our friendly team can support you in 6 different languages (English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Vietnamese).
Your home in Japan awaits – let us help you find it!

Products & Services ■Real estate agent

Disaster Management Bureau、 Cabinet Office is mandated to undertake the planning of basic disaster management policies and response to large-scale disasters、 as well as conduct overall coordination.

Products & Services ■Leaflets and posters related disaster management in Multilanguages.

We produce and sell original dolls and other products in Japan. In particular, we sell handmade dolls that are unique in the world, such as the Ichimatsu Dolls (Kulatomo), which are representative of Japanese dolls. We also sell Japanese symbols such as Kabuto ornaments and Koinobori carp streamers.

Products & Services ■Ichimatsu Ningyo  Doll Kabuto Decoration Koi Nobori-zaiku (Carp Streamer)  Kumiko Zaiku

Introducing the high quality wine and juice that the Italian immigrant Salton family has been making for over 100 years.
We are the exclusive importer and distributor of Salton Wine in Japan.

Products & Services ■SALTON TALENTO 2012 ■SALTON Grape Juice

EIKOH SAKE BREWERY was found in 1897 in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture is located in the island of Shikoku, This island is well known as a mild and gentle weather region. Using the local sake rice, “Matsuyama Mii”, coupled with an ample supply of quality underground water and the skill of the Master Sake Brewers, Eikoh has been producing fine quality sake for over 100 years. Ehime Prefecture is fruit kingdom. Our company has put a lot of effort into making the liqueur with plenty of fruit. (Citron, mandarin orange, plum, kiwi, grape, lime, etc.) Refined tastes of master brewer brewing is very popular in Japan.

Products & Services ■Brewery’s mandarin orange liqueur

Embassy of Burkina Faso : Burkina Faso is a Sahelian country located in the heart of West Africa. Its neighboring countries are Ghana, Ivory Coast, Niger, Mali, Togo and Benin.

Products & Services ■Burkinabe and African culinary art

A friendly and hospitable people, an amazing variety of attractions, and a dynamic and charming culture make Angola a country worth visiting. As far as tourism is concerned, it can be said that Angola is like a rough diamond, with a huge potential still to be explored.

Products & Services ■Angolan handy crafts、dry sweets and clothes

Art Winery is the largest company in Eastern Europe and the only company in Ukraine that produces sparkling wine using traditional methods.

Products & Services ■Ukrainian sparkling wine

Offering life coaching services for expats in Japan in Relocation, Life Direction/Life Purpose, Midlife Crisis, Fatherhood, and inheritance Mindfulness.

Products & Services ■Life coaching services for expats in Japan

We are Trading company at Osaka, especially Import & Export business with Brazil. We would like to introduce original flower arrangement to promote Brazilian goods at this event.

Products & Services ■Original flower arrangement

We operate from Azabu-Dai, Minato-ku, Tokyo, where we actively collect food items.
Our mission is to gather surplus food, disaster relief supplies, and non-standard food items from the local community and distribute them to organizations that support individuals and families in need.

Products & Services ■Food Bank

Funeral Support Services Co. Ltd. is a full service funeral company owned and operated by Robert Hoey who is originally from Canada and has been living in Japan for the past 30 years. We are well connected to many embassies in Japan and funeral companies overseas. Funeral Support Services provides foreign repatriation to all countries around the globe as well as funeral services, cremation, sea scattering and full burial to all religions, nationalities and faiths within Japan.

Products & Services ■Foreign Repatriation ■Funeral Ceremonies ■Cremation/Burial Services

We aim to promote and develop fried tofu products, which are traditional foods nurtured by Japan's climate and natural features, and the manufacturing industry, thereby contributing to the improvement of Japan's food culture and the improvement of the national dietary habits. We are conducting activities to

Products & Services ■Tofu and tofu related products

We provide general tourist information about Gero Onsen, which is known as one of Japan's top three hot springs and is also a beauty hot spring, as well as information on approximately 50 unique accommodations, tourist facilities, experiential sightseeing, and dining facilities.

Products & Services ■Gero Onsen tourist information, accommodation facilities, etc. pamphlet

Global Kyoto is a registered travel agent and facilitator of the licensed tour guides in Kyoto, Nara and Osaka area. From the rich sales and marketing experience and success in the tourism and education industry, we also provide a consulting service for any idividual and establishment.

Products & Services ■English Tour Guide in Engish Kyoto, Osaka and Nara ■グループ旅行手配 ■インバウンドコンサルテイング

Products & Services

With ''Making Your Stay in Japan Great'' as its vision, GTN is a comprehensive supporting company for foreigners in Japan. It offers a wide variety of unique services such as rent guarantor, real estate agency, lifestyle support, employment support, cell phones, and credit card services specially made for foreigners. With about 70% of its staff being foreigners from about 20 countries, the company supports foreigners living in Japan with knowledge and understanding of language and cultural differences.

Products & Services ■GTN Assistants ■GTN REAL ESTATE ■GTN Mobile

Hata’s Hamper delivers locally-made fresh and seasonal produce directly from the Japanese producer to the customer after harvest/production.

Our healthy and wholesome products ranging from vegetables and fruits to gluten-free crackers, are meticulously selected to ensure that our non-Japanese speaking customers enjoy the most delicious and freshest produce like the locals do.

Products & Services ■Vegetables (potatoes, onions, tomatoes, organic vegetable box) ■Processed food products (cheese, pickles, jam, tomato juice) ■Sweets (gluten-free sweets made from organic brown rice)

HelloWorld Inc. provides educational experiences to connect international families living in Japan with locals who want to learn about diverse cultures. Through our homestay program, Japanese students who are unable to go abroad get to spend 24-48 hours at the homes of international families, and get to experience the world in their own city.
So far, over 200+ host families have joined our program and 8000+ students have taken part in our cultural exchange.

★ We are looking for international families that want to spark children's passion for the world by sharing theirs!

Products & Services ■HelloWorld Cultural Exchange Program ■Machinaka Cultural Exchange Fund ■HelloWorld Rogaining

We support your Japanese staffs in charge of staying aboad or the foreign staffs in Japan.
For staying abroad, it is necesarry to help the staffs not only get working visa, but also suport thier residence or tax return etc for a long stay.
We will help them with local accountants or visa consultants.

Products & Services ■VISA application support

We’re an online retailer established in 2018 handling ONLY clean produce and certified organic – high end. We have the largest online footprint when it comes to organic and clean produce in Japan. Our philosophy: very strictly no nasties, sustainably sourced – no exceptions – high end.

Products & Services ■Organic Free-Range Chicken From New Zealand ■Certified Organic Lactose-Free Ice Cream From Australia ■Certified Organic Free-Range Eggs

KYOYUZEN KINSAI KOUGEI is a workshop of Kyo-yuzen gold leaf decoration for kimono and obi (sash).Kinsai Kogei, established in the Momoyama and Edo periods, is a technique of applying gold leaf to cloth such as obi and kimono.The charm of Kinsai Kogei is that the gold leaf pattern on the cloth is flat, but its expression changes depending on the light rays and viewing angles.Taking advantage of this characteristic and mysterious effect of gold leaf, we try to create works that are simple but have a mysterious element.We also collaborate with craftsmen and artists from other fields to create products that make the most of our techniques for practical use, such as interior decorations and bags.

Products & Services ■Gold Gilded Red Fuji Glass Plate

Import and Wholesales of Processed food, Confectionery, Beverages and Liquor products.

Products & Services ■Imports Food from Brazil

Inbound Platform Corp. aims to create Japonophiles by helping people from all over the world discover this country. By putting ourselves in the customer's point of view, we want to develop services that answer to the unmet needs of visitors from all over the world, and make their stay in Japan more enjoyable.

Products & Services ■Living Japan ■Japan Wireless

Are you facing challenges with inbound tourism or business matchmaking? Look no further. We specialize in providing top-notch interpretation and support services tailored to your needs. Whether it's navigating language barriers or ensuring seamless connections, we've got you covered. Elevate your experience with our professional assistance!

Products & Services ■J-navi Language Concierge

This is the official support counter in Japan for UNHCR, the UN's refugee assistance agency.

Products & Services ■UN Refugee Support Campaign

<Samurai Artist KAMUI>
・Performance for Event
・Movie, Sword fighting scene Choreography
・Samurai Sword Action Experience
・Sale Japanese Swords
・Japanese culture workshop
・Speak Seminar
・Team building
・KENGIDO school

<Singer song writer MIKA KOBAYASHI>
・Produce Original songs
・Singer for Animation, Movies, Drama, Game etc

Products & Services ■Samurai Artist KAMUI "Samurai Still Exist 2023"

All encounters,to something valuable.

Products & Services ■『Mooovin』 New Moving Experience.

We are located at the foot of Mount Minobu, one of Japan's three holiest mountains and home to Kuonji, head temple of Nichiren Shu Buddhism. Minobusan is steeped in Buddhist culture, sustained by a community centered on temple lodgings, traditional crafts and lush mountain scenery. Kakurinbo, a 550-year-old traditional temple lodging, offers visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in Minobusan’s wealth of history, culture and nature. Guest Villa Ebisuya is a lovingly restored, self-contained holiday home that marries exquisite, authentic décor with highly functional, state-of-the-art amenities. The adjacent Café Zencho makes full use of locally sourced ingredients to offer meals, drinks and snacks that cater to all palates. The many available activities include dressing up in authentic wedding kimonos, sutra copying, and a nightly taste of Minobusan’s annual festival. Food-related experiences, such as harvesting GI-certified Akebono soybeans, are also available.

Products & Services ■Kakurinbo Temple Beer ■Akebono Soybean Kinako ■Guest Villa Ebisuya

Based on a grandmother's strong desire to feed her granddaughter, who suffers from atopic dermatitis, something that is as good for her health as possible, founder Yukari Izumi revived her predecessor's trade name ``Kanesen'' and started her own business at the age of 70.
Putting the importance on another meaning "Connecting" of the name ``Yukari'', she has expanded her business for over 10 years (now on sale at Kishukan on the first basement floor of Kotsu Kaikan in Yurakucho).
Her daughters run a farm and an orchard (which offers hands-on lodging, mandarin orange picking and a mandarin sauna; 100% Wakayama mandarin juice is now available at Terra Cafe in Zojoji Temple in Shiba Daimon).
Today, we will deliver exellent hand-made products without additives to you, including vegans and vegetarians, from Wakayama Prefecture and connect you to the world from here in Tokyo.

Products & Services ■Yukari's Caqui Ampo Dried-Persimmon, hand-made sun-dried Persimmon, Dried Vegetables Daikon Radish ■Yukari's hand-made Miso Dip, Kinzanji Miso and Ume Dip, Neri Ume. ■100% pure mandarine orange juice

Kensho Realty Corporation has a singular mission: to create a transparent real estate market in Japan for the clients we serve. The team comprises a group of professionals, each of them utilizing their expertise in brokerage, underwriting, research, and technology. The talented team has been working together over the past four years, establishing a strong track record and providing access to real estate assets, including residential, hospitality, and mixed-use properties.

Products & Services ■Apts.jp Platform

Yokohama Country & Athletic Club is an international sports and recreation club with members hailing from Japan and over 40 countries around the world.
YC&AC is the birthplace of most modern sports enjoyed in Japan and Club members continue to compete in many of these sports to this day.
In addition to the sporting facilities, YC&AC is very much a social club and a family venue.

Products & Services ■Membership service

Kubota Sake is so versatile that we hope you can experience its greatness.
Especially, Kubota which is "Tanrei-Karakuchi" - crisp, clean and dry sake brewed in Nagaoka, Niigata accents the flavor and aroma of your dishes.

Products & Services ■Kubota Sparkling ■Kubota Senjyu Ginjo

“KYODAI REMITTANCE” is a service of UNIDOS Co., Ltd., a funds transfer business operator and overseas remittance specialist in Japan, registered by the Director of the Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Registration No. 00004). We have earned high acclaim from banks around the world, (overseas banks) and people at home and abroad not only for the volume of remittances we have made as a funds transfer business operator, but also for the quality of our services and compliance.

KYODAI REMITTANCE not only offers a safe and secure means of sending funds overseas, but also provides low-price service that is faster than the conventional approach of remittance through banks.

Products & Services ■Send Money and Receive Money

"At Leopalace21, we provide consistent support to foreign customers who may feel anxious about finding accommodation in Japan. We offer assistance in their native language, from the initial apartment search to post-move-in support. Currently, foreign customers make up approximately 10% of our total residents, and we are committed to addressing their specific needs while contributing to the resolution of social challenges related to housing for foreign individuals."

Products & Services ■"We manage and operate approximately 560,000 rental housing units nationwide in Japan."

We are a relaxation service specializing in organic anti-aging care in Nishi-Arai. We also manufacture and sell "Rakanka Choko" which is made with low GI and high nutritional value "Monk fruits" instead of sugar. These protein-packed organic chocolates are low GI and calories, yet sweet and delicious. We offer a genuine body care experience and chocolate for those who live a safe and healthy lifestyle.

Products & Services ■Rakanka Chocolate (Monk fruits chocolate) ■Brown rice carob / Brown rice chocolate from 1 year old ■Japanese oil treatment / Seitai massage / Access consciousness

MAMANO CHOCOLATE is a specialty store focused on the rare Arriba cacao, which makes up just 2% of the world's cocoa and is cultivated in the lush tropical rainforests of Ecuador.

Through a partnership of over 11 years with local indigenous KICHWA cooperatives, we deliver chocolate made from the highest quality cocoa. We also offer rare vanilla, stingless bee honey, and guayusa tea, all cultivated in the Amazon.

Products & Services ■Chocolate, stingless bee honey, Guayusa tea, and rare Amazonian vanilla

Massage S-Shape provides relaxing and remedial massage treatments to English speakers living in Tokyo suffering from physical pain and discomfort.
In-clinic, mobile massage and office massage service is available.

Products & Services ■Chair massage treatment

We are a leading inbound company that operates MATCHA, one of Japan's largest media for foreign visitors and residents in Japan, with the vision of "Japan's valuable culture remaining with the times".

MATCHA is a web media that provides information on the charms of each of Japan's 47 prefectures, Japanese culture, and ways to enjoy travel in Japan to the overseas market, and is visited by 3.33 million people per month from 227 countries and regions around the world.
In order to deliver Japan's potential and value to the world, we have produced a cumulative total of more than 20,000 articles by visiting various regions and having our foreign writers actually interview people there.

As an inbound professional, we will continue to be a company that contributes to Japanese society.

Products & Services ■MATCHA Contents Manager(MCM)

Minato City is a major transportation hub, with easy access from the airport, the Shinkansen and Shinagawa stations, and the Port of Tokyo. As the gateway to Tokyo and Japan, Minato City welcomes many people from Japan and abroad every day. While being a cutting-edge information center with popular restaurants and commercial facilities, Minato City is also a town full of diverse attractions, such as valuable cultural assets and historic sites with a sense of history, as well as greenery and waterfront with beautiful seasonal expressions.

We hope you will have a wonderful and memorable time in Minato City.

Products & Services ■VR video of Minato City World Promotion

The Minato International Association (MIA) is an organization that strives to achieve a harmonious multicultural society through various events. The activities are conducted by volunteer members as the power base. More than 80 foreign embassies and business offices locate themselves in Minato City. As there are many foreign residents in our city, the MIA organizes a wide range of international exchange activities and support programs for them.

Products & Services ■Free consultation service for foreign residents

MIWA's Japanese Cooking Class, led by founder Miwa, brings the art of Japanese cuisine to a global audience. With over 200,000 followers, including many in the US, we provide a mix of traditional and modern cooking techniques to suit various skill levels. Our focus is on the Ichijyu Sansai method for healthy meals and offering tailored courses for beginners to advanced cooks. We aim to improve global health through the nutritional benefits of Japanese cooking, making each meal a blend of taste, health, and cultural exploration.

Products & Services ■Expat Support Course

All of RIVERET's tableware designs are made of natural moso bamboo.
The beautiful form of this natural material blends in with a variety of lifestyles, and is dishwasher safe for easy handling.
With a six-layer coating that penetrates to the inside of the material, there is no color migration or staining from wine or coffee, and it can be used with the same peace of mind as ordinary tableware.
Bamboo is a natural resource that can be used repeatedly with a minimum amount of land, and is one of the effective ways to utilize resources to curb deforestation, which is one of the causes of environmental problems.
Based on the SDGs philosophy, we propose "environmental consideration that can be implemented effortlessly in daily life" with tableware made of moso bamboo, a sustainable natural resource.
Bamboo, which grows strongly and straight, is considered a lucky charm in Japan and is popular as a wedding gift and other celebratory gifts.

Products & Services ■RIVERET Bamboo tableware

This is an organization that promotes tourism in Nishio City and works to encourage more people to visit Nishio City. We also sell trips and experiences led by English guides for foreigners through online agents. Nishio City is located almost in the center of Aichi Prefecture, about 50 minutes by train or car from Nagoya Station, and about 50 minutes by car from Nagoya IC. You can enjoy meals, desserts, hands-on experiences, and shopping using matcha green tea and eel, which boast one of the largest production volumes in Japan by municipality. Sakushima, which takes about 20 minutes by boat, is very popular with 22 art sites dotted around the island. You can also see the extremely rare 470m tombolo phenomenon (a phenomenon where the island and land connect at low tide). There is also Nishio Castle, and it is a place where you can experience Japanese history and culture.

Products & Services ■①Distribution of tourist pamphlets in Nishio City ②Introduction of free monitor tours in Nishio City

Our shop is an international supermarket with a wide variety of products for foreign residents in Minato-ku Higashiazabu. We prepare foods from all over the world,including halal products, for people from various countries living in Minato City. We have high quality ham&sausage,which is manufactured by NISSINHAM. In addition, we can also handle meat order cutting. Our company delivers to hotels in Minato city, and we have a shop in a department store in Tokyo. Please come to our shop, where delicious food from all over the world.

Products & Services ■Nissin Membership Card & Coupon Distribution

OMOTENASHI Selection is an award for a collection of products and services that reflect the spirit of Japanese hospitality. We started this award to share these amazing products with the rest of the world. From global perspectives, each product is judged by international residents living in Japan. OMOTENASHI Selection will continue to promote the Omotenashi culture of Japan-made products and services, as well as bring those products closer to international consumers and help manufacturing companies seeking to make the international market.

Products & Services ■■OMOTENASHI Selection Award-winning Products

Oita Prefecture is one of the nation's leading hot spring kingdoms, including the nationally famous Yufuin Onsen and Beppu Onsen. It is also home to Kuju Kogen, a popular tourist spot called the Karuizawa of Kyushu. There are also famous good luck power spots, so let's go around the area and cleanse your soul while being healed by the hot springs!

Products & Services ■Onsen Prefecture Oita Tourism PR

PLAZA HOMES is a real estate agency that accommodates a wide range of living needs such as renting / buying / selling properties, and supporting foreign residents. We have been providing real estate services since 1969 and will continue to deliver high quality properties to clients from all over the world.
We offer information on apartments and houses for rent, properties for sale and living information in Tokyo.

Products & Services ■Real estate. Rent / Buy & Sell.

PCCIJ supports business exchanges between Japan and Poland. Export of Japanese companies to Poland, business alliances, provision of market information and advice associated with business exchanges, contact points for cooperation, company introductions, etc., are included. PCCIJ plans and holds seminars and events and distributes newsletters to members.

Products & Services ■Metaverse

We are a real estate brokerage firm, specializing in real estate for foreign clients. In Japan, we focus on Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Fukuoka, and resort areas, working with the professionals such as financial institutions, tax accountants, lawyers, and judicial scriveners.
Depending on the customer's lifestyle, we propose in various forms buying and selling, brokerage, operation, management, renovation, etc. Please feel free to consult with us about anything from day-to-day room searches to real estate concerns.

Products & Services ■REAL ESTATE

Simonsen Inc. imports and sells Brazilian craft cachaça.

Products & Services ■CACHAÇA DA QUINTA

Tea Life was founded in Shimada city, Shizuoka, in August 1983. Over the last 40
years, we have been committed to providing only the highest quality products that contribute overall health and wellness of people. In offering a wide variety of healthy products such as functional tea, food, and pharmaceuticals, we pride ourselves in developing unique products that meet the needs of a niche market and excelling in
strong marketing strategies.
We have built our business through mail-order catalog and E-commerce on our own online store and also various platforms like Amazon, Yahoo!, Rakuten, JRE Mall, etc. Currently we have stores on several E-commerce platforms in China and USA as well.

Products & Services ■Hugm Shampoo,SENN Health Tea

First published during the Meiji Era in 1897, The Japan Times is Japan's oldest and largest
English-language newspaper. Our newspaper has a wide readership and includes
ambassadors, embassy staff, high-level corporate managers and senior government
officials both in Japan and overseas.

Products & Services ■News paper

We are general medical clinics located at Tokyo Station and Chiba Station.Patients with any symptoms, from children to adults of all nationalities, We welcome to come to our clinic with any symptoms. We are open every day from 9:00am to 9:00pm, including Saturdays, Sunday and even public holidays.Please feel free to contact us!

Products & Services ■medical care

TCJ is a Japanese language school with 33 years of history. The school also has a large training institute for Japanese language teachers, all of whom are professionals and provide high quality lessons. Students come from more than 30 different countries at any given time, making it an international environment.

Products & Services ■Japanese Language Courses for residents of Japan and overseas ■Japanese Lessons For Residents in Japan course


Products & Services ■sightseeing information in Tokyo

HACHIOJI is a city in Western Tokyo located only 40 minutes from Tokyo station.
Hachioji is home to a long tradition of silk cultivation. During the Edo period (1603‒1867),it also flourished as a transport and business hub. Recognized as the only Japan Heritage site in Tokyo Prefecture ̶ Hachioji is a popular tourist destination.
Read on to learn about Hachioji ’s abundant local resources, convenient transportation, great facilities for holding various events, and other charms that will facilitate the success of your MICE event.

Products & Services ■Mt.TAKAO ■Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Business Activation Center ■UKAI TORIYAMA

Tokyo International Friends & Events (TIFE) is a community of expats and locals who want to connect, belong and have fun, TIFE aims to help you find your place in Tokyo by providing a variety of events and activities that will make you feel like part of the community.

Products & Services ■Events

Tokyo International Progressive School is an international school for grades 4 - 12 that provides alternative education for students with mild learning differences with academic, emotional and/or social challenges.
Based on their learning needs, all of our students are entitled to high quality instruction, including, as needed, differentiated instruction, specific seating, posted learning objectives, note-taking assistance, structured routines, color coding, assistive technology, movement breaks, chunking large assignments, simplified directions, check for understanding, use of timer, and support identifying and meeting deadlines.
Approximately 85% of TIPS graduates attend post-secondary institutions worldwide.

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In the jurisdiction, Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau provides fair management over the entry and departure procedures of all persons in Japan, the residence of foreign nationals in Japan, as well as recognizes refugees and supports foreign residents in Japan.

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【Easy-to-reach destinations with a rich natural environment and history】

Located on the west side of Tokyo, the five cities of Hachioji and Akiruno in Tokyo, Sagamihara in Kanagawa Prefecture, and Otsuki and Tsuru in Yamanashi Prefecture are areas where have a lot to offer the tourist, including rich nature, history, culture, must-see sights, and delicious food. These cities are readily accessible from Tokyo, allowing you to enjoy some best parts of Japan easily. Create numerous memories in the five areas with a concentration of places with the unique attractive elements of Japan.

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We will introduce you to useful tools for dealing with foreigners. If you are a company that needs to deal with people who speak different languages, please stop by our booth.

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We are a travel agency 100% produced by Toppan Printing.
As Business Travel Management, we have been supporting the business trips of foreign and Japanese companies for many years, focusing on corporate business trips, MICE, and overseas HR services.

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Since 2017, at our company (Toudaisha Co; Ltd.) have been developing Funeral and International Transport Services for foreigners (Repatriation of the remains and the cremated remains) who living in Japan. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of cases where funerals are held in Japan and buried or the cremated remains are repatriated to their home country.
 Further, we are receiving more calls from Funeral Companies and Technical Intern Trainees Labor Association etc, all over Japan “WHAT SHOUD WE DO?”
 Therefore, in addition to the service of repatriating the remains and the cremated remains to the home country, we have started a service for funeral companies to prepare documents when some foreigners pass away and provide language support.
 And this year, we started a total support service for foreigners who living in Japan. Real estate, Legal matters, activities etc.
Please feel free to contact us for your safely life in Japan

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KIMONO Monjuan creates kimono dresses that combine the fine Japanese texture of a kimono with the glamorous atmosphere of a dress.
The designer, who was born and raised in a kimono wholesaler's shop, designs kimono dresses by making the most of the kimono's unique fabrics, weaves, and patterns, and each dress is carefully produced by domestic sewing craftsmen.
Kimono fabrics used at KIMONO Monjuan are not second-hand kimono fabrics but brand-new pure silk kimono fabrics. Due to the characteristics of kimono, every dress is one-of-a-kind. These are original kimono dresses that are unique in the world.
Please enjoy the pleasure and luxury of wearing a kimono dress made of kimono fabric that delicately expresses the beauty of each of the four seasons in Japan. We also offer custom-made and rental dresses.

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We are a shiatsu massage clinic located in Shibuya offering traditional Japanese medicine. English is available and we are also Japan's leading international spa with over 4000 oversea guests a year from all over the world.

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AT YAK Co., Ltd. We are confident that we can find the most suitable properties in Japan for foreign customers. We help our customers realize their dreams.
Our staff are almost graduated from Japanese universities and have a wealth of real estate knowledge. We are able to provide detailed explanations and responses to foreign customers in their native language.
We have the know-how in loans and can provide suitable financial institutions for foreign customers.
We sincerely address our customers' needs and wishes, and through the communication, we understand customers' ideal real estate and propose the most suitable property for all customers.

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We mainly provide accounting and taxation services to foreign companies doing business in Japan and to Japanese residents of foreign nationality.
Based on my experience of living abroad as a foreigner, I run my office with a desire to solve and support practical problems faced by foreigners and foreign-affiliated companies.
In addition to language support and international taxation, there are many issues specific to foreign companies and foreigners in Japan. Leave these issues to our experts.

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